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Health Care

With more than 10 years experience, our company has been recognized as an effective actor in the field of Medical Software.

With our Doctor Smart technology we have managed to establish a platform that allows doctors to share medical information in a completely secure and confidential way.

Doctor Smart is made up of several core modules that can be integrated and selected one by one:

  • Medical management software
  • Hospital monitoring software

Medical care tool

  • Allows medical professionals to share information confidentially without the need to share systems. The principle purpose of this tool is the interconnectivity of confidential medical information.
  • It allows health care professionals to generate personalized medical plans
  • Our technology is scalable, allowing it to be adapted to any field of medicine/health care.
  • The use of our Doctor Smart tool has several advantages:
    • It's an easy tool to use
    • It's extremely secure software
    • It allows patient control

Generate a personal medical record

This allows the patient and their doctors to have access to all the medical history in the same space.
Doctor Smart technology has been adopted by various medical centers in France. Based on its success we are launching it worldwide.